Do’s and Don’ts of Planning a Birthday Party for Your Senior Loved One


senior-partyPlanning a birthday party for a senior loved one can be difficult, but with proper planning, you can ensure that your loved one has a great birthday. That’s why we’ve laid out a few Do’s and Don’ts of planning parties for seniors to help you get started planning and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Many seniors feel like they shouldn’t celebrate their birthdays after a certain age, but you should do everything you can to get your loved one to celebrate, as there are many emotional benefits to celebrating your birthday. So let’s jump right into it!

  • DO buy healthy foods that your loved one enjoys. If you plan on going out to celebrate, be sure that this isn’t too difficult for your loved one. If your senior has difficulties moving around, consider hiring a catering company for the event. In the past, I have used DeFazio’s Catering, which offers delicious and healthy boxed lunches in Richmond, VA. Also, be aware of any health concerns that your parent may have, like diabetes, as this will likely impact your decision.
  • DON’T plan on surprising your parent or grandparent, as this could have some serious unintended consequences. There are many terrible stories online where surprise birthday parties led to the one being celebrated having a heart attack when being surprise, so please let your parent know you’re planning them a party.
  • DO invite your parent’s friend that they have known for a long time. At least in my parent’s case, they very rarely get to see their old pals, and really enjoy visiting with them, just about more than anything.
  • DO print out old pictures of your senior loved one from “back in the day”. This will likely lead to your loved one and their friends remembering and re-living the great times they’ve had in their life, which I think we all can agree is never a bad thing.

As you can see, planning a birthday party for your elder loved one doesn’t have to be hard. Just think it through and plan accordingly and you’ll likely throw a party that your parent won’t soon forget.

How Senior Care Can Benefit Your Entire Family


happy seniors

Aging does not only affect the elderly person.  It also affects their family.  As many adults today are in the position of juggling jobs or careers, spouses, and children, and other obligations in addition to caring for elderly parents, there is an increased need for senior care helpers around Brentwood CA.  There are many ways your whole family can benefit from senior care.


Your Parent Will Be Safe

Safety is a top concern for adults with elderly parents.  This is especially true if your parent wants to live in his own home.

A home care aide will ensure his home is safe, even if he lives alone.  The aide can perform light housekeeping duties, and maintain a safe environment.  The home will be neat and tidy, which significantly decreases the risk of accidents.


Elder Care For The Senior’s Health

Seniors can be at an increased risk of health problems, even when they are otherwise healthy.  Common examples include forgetting to take medications and unhealthy diets.

Senior care assistants are the ideal solution to these health risks.  His aide can make sure he takes his medication on time as well as prepare and serve nutritious meals.  If his physician has recommended a special diet, an aide will help him adhere to his diet.


Assistance With Daily Activities

Elderly persons can become tired easily, lack motivation, or resist daily activities because they are not as strong as they were in the past.  An aide will help your parent gain the most from each day.

Depending on his needs, home care can include assisting with bathing, dressing, basic grooming, healthy exercise, and other daily routines.


Senior Care For Companionship

When elderly persons do not have companionship, isolation can lead to depression.  An aide can be the ideal friend for your elderly loved one.

Your aging parent will have someone to talk to, someone who listens to his concerns, and someone who will participate in enjoyable activities such as playing board games, singing, or reading.

Senior care helpers mean elderly individuals do not have to be alone or lonely.  The senior can stay alert and happy.  This will greatly benefit him throughout his older years.


How You Can Benefit From Elder Care

Nearly any senior who is not in a long-term care facility can benefit from home care.  You may also be interested in knowing how you can benefit from it.

First, you will not have to worry about your loved one when you are not present.  You will know he is with a trained, experienced caregiver.  When you are not worried, it will relieve your stress and provide the freedom to concentrate on other responsibilities in your life.  It can also relieve the guilt you may feel over not devoting 24 hours a day to your loved one.

Second, it can be the best alternative to a long-term care facility.  If he is reasonably healthy, you do not have to place him in a facility.  He can continue to enjoy his independence and the familiar surroundings of his own home.

Third, his home care aide will work with you.  You will not be left out of your aging parent’s life even if he does not live with you.  The aide will keep you updated on his progress.

More seniors today want to stay at home.  With excellent home care available, it can be the ideal option for you and your elderly parent.

Electricians With Reliable Work History Offer Proven Best Services



paul pWhen it comes to finding a reliable electrical contractor, the job is easy thanks to electrician websites.  In fact, there some super contractors and engineers ready and able to sort out all types of electrical service and maintenance like the guys up at Mister Sparky San Jose.  The professionals who service electrics for residential or business properties are the very best qualified technicians to work on high-tech electrical systems today.

Another aspect of contracting with a local electrical service is linked to building a working relationship with these professionals who are golden when it comes to detailed work such as putting in recessed lighting, new electrical outlets and even trending LED lighting.  The best thing about hiring an electrician from a locally owned contractor is they have their client’s back when it comes to unique “local” electronics needs and requirements.

Electricians offer proven great service

At a time when there is so much competition both online and in the traditional brick and mortar marketplace, there is a greater emphasis on quality customer service.  In turn, there are many electrical contractors who understand this and aim to serve clients with top quality work that is reasonably priced.

An electrician offers a wide range of services that include:

  •  Installation of energy efficient lighting and various outdoor and security lighting systems.
  •  Free estimates for electrical repairs or installation at residential or business property.  The view from local electricians is to “get a reality check” about any existing electrics issues or to help decide what is needed for new installation of lighting or other electric needs.
  •  Service for all types of electrical problems at a residential or business property.
  •  Existing lighting repair and service.
  •  Solar energy equipment and supplies.

In general, most local electricians and electrical contractors are fully accredited, bonded and certified.  In addition to a wide variety of electrical services, these professionals are also skilled in specialized work such as home theater installation and even help with electric generators for both commercial and industrial use.

electrician workerContractors skilled at all types of electrical work

There are numerous online testimonials from happy customers thanking their local electrical contractor for helping them sort out needed work on their home or business.  For instance, it is no secret that working with electricity is dangerous for someone who is not fully trained and familiar with local power grids.  The experts who understand high-voltage power transmission and electric distribution lines are the best ones to help a property owner with electrical infrastructure repairs and needs.

Hiring a certified electrician is best

According to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), this trade association serves as the watch-dog group for the electrical contracting industry.  In turn, NECA officials have put out the word to communities nationwide that a property owner should always consider hiring a professional electrician for safety reasons and various other good reasons.  The view from electrical contractors is they are in the best position to help home and business owners with all their electrical needs.  While do-it-yourself is tending for all other types of home improvement, the common sense view is to always hire an expert electrician when it comes to local, state and federal requirements involving building electricity needs.

Overall, there has never been a better time to sort out home or office property electrics with professional electrical contractor assistance.

Affordable Car Insurance for Seniors


driving mercedesFor most seniors, when they are shopping for auto insurance, focus on finding the precise coverage they require at competitive prices. Nonetheless, with car insurance and motorcycle insurance, the price should not be your sole consideration. Another crucial thing to take into account is the insurance firm’s reputation. Although cheap car insurance is nice, you also want a dependable provider. You need to be sure that the firm you buy your insurance policy from will offer the coverage you pay for.

Researching the Ratings of Each Insurance Company

Numerous business rating institutions and consumer reporting organizations offer in-depth ratings for different insurance firms. To research details about insurance firms, visit the website for Central Virginia’s insurance department. Also, you should refer to the Better Business Bureau, AM Best, and JD Power websites. When you research insurance providers, make a note of their scores for  the price, coverage options, financial strength, overall customer satisfaction and claims processes. If a firm scores highly for these things, there’s a good chance they are reputable. Asking friends, family and coworkers about their experience with different providers can be useful as well.

Searching for Licensed Insurance Providers

happy seniorsBefore a company can sell vehicle insurance in America, it must have the appropriate state license. It is a simple matter to determine which insurance companies are licensed in different states. Just check the list published on your state’s insurance department website. Here, you will also discover the minimum requirements insurance providers have to satisfy, in order to operate legally. The DMV is also a great place to find any information you need.

Understanding the Different Policies and Costs

The majority of senior drivers just get the most affordable car insurance required for their local area. Notwithstanding, other drivers like to include comprehensive and collision car insurance in their policies, to cover themselves in the event of more varied circumstances. Comprehensive insurance is advisable for every driver because it covers a broad range of eventualities — including situations that collision insurance doesn’t cover. Comprehensive insurance covers fire, theft, weather damage, vandalism, missiles, riots and other similar situations that might cause a vehicle to be damaged. This type of insurance does not normally cover tires, vandalism or theft by employees or relatives, damage arising from incorrect maintenance, force majeure or vehicle contents.

Collision insurance covers drivers in the event of accidents involving other cars, people, objects and the road’s surface. This type of insurance covers drivers, irrespective of whether they are to blame for the incident. Furthermore, it covers salvage, storage and towing if the vehicle has been severely harmed. Usually, collision insurance covers the car’s repair costs or replacement in cases where the damage is irreparable. This does not apply if repairs are needed because of mechanical failure resulting from incorrect maintenance. Typically, comprehensive and collision insurance can be purchased together as a package. However, you can buy both kinds of coverage separately too.

With both comprehensive and collision auto insurance, multiple factors will determine the price of the policy. The expected annual mileage, the driver’s experience and age, the vehicle’s value, and the area where the vehicle will be driven are all relevant considerations. With older vehicles, drivers ought to compare the insurance price with the vehicle’s value to decide whether buying a policy is worthwhile. In virtually every case, comprehensive and collision insurance policies are subject to deductibles, which can vary in price significantly.

If you have any more questions about auto insurance and you live in the Fredericksburg VA area, don’t hesitate to contact Insurance Doctor.

Fighting the Post-Retirement Blues


Now, imagine this situation. For the longest time, you got used to waking up early in the morning to go to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You’d come home, make dinner, read your book, and go to bed. You got used to the routine. When your retirement began, you had a blast – regularly visiting with friends and families, traveling to the beach, catching up on your reading list, and even finishing the sweater that you started to knit years ago. But once that initial excitement wore off, you weren’t so sure how exactly to spend those extra 40 hours a week. Instead of staying active, you started spending your days sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching reruns. If this sounds similar to your experience as a retiree, you may be feeling the post-retirement blues.

When the opportunity for retirement rolls around, most seniors feel a sense of relief, accomplishment, and joy. After spending the majority of their lives in the workforce, retirement rewards hard working seniors with the ability and freedom to spend the rest of their time relaxing and doing as they please. But after a while, many seniors find themselves bored or even lonely with their newfound abundance of free time. It’s difficult breaking the routine, and the loneliness and boredom that often follows retirement can have a negative effect on both physical and mental health. Here are some ways to stave off the post-retirement blues:

Consider adopting a pet

Having a dog or a cat will help motivate you to get up early in the morning to feed and take your pet for a walk. A loving, furry companion will also prevent feelings of loneliness.

Join an exercise group

Visit your local gym to see what kind of groups or classes are available. Find an activity that interests you, and you’ll be able to have fun, make some new friends, and stay fit all at the same time.

Enlist some help

Many organizations offer senior care services. If you need a little assistance around the house, or just need someone to talk to, check out and see if a senior helper is right for you.

Find a hobby

If your opportunity to have a hobby was previously limited by the time dedicated to your employment, here’s your chance! Think about what interests you – do you like to bake, sew new clothes, or write stories? Take some time to develop your interests a bit more. Bonus points if you find a friend or a group to do it with!


Retirement is a very rewarding time in a senior’s life, filled with endless opportunities. Taking full advantage of these opportunities will provide you with a more fulfilling, and all-around healthier life.

Tips for a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle


Senior Wellness

Fatigue is a natural part of the aging process, and as a senior, you may find yourself taking more naps than before. Extra sleep is not a problem, but feeling tired should not become an excuse to stop being active.

Follow these rules to help keep up an active and healthy senior lifestyle:

  • Get into a routine. Routine helps you find patterns of being active and resting that your body becomes comfortable with. You are more likely to feel energized and ready for a brisk walk at 3:00pm if that is part of your daily lifestyle. Forming healthy habits is the most important step of overall wellness.
  • Invest in a car service. Experiencing difficulty seeing, hearing, or any other sort of driving impairment can make it difficult to get to the park or make it to the gym. In these instances, consider hiring a non-medical senior home care service for transportation assistance.
  • Make being active fun. Exercise with friends and make it a social activity, or simply take your pet for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a lone venture.
  • Join a senior center. Many communities have centers that include support for seniors. They may offer programs, activities, and other sorts of groups. For example, a senior center could schedule group walks outside or fun cooking classes.

Benefits of exercising:

Exercising is about so much more than keeping your body in shape. Breaking a sweat increases the oxygen flow to your brain, helping you stay sharp and alert at any age. It is also a way to release mood-lifting endorphins and overall add to mental health and a positive self image.

If you have arthritis or any sort of injury, it is important to find low impact exercise that is easy on the joints. Some examples of softer activities include: water aerobics, swimming, biking, yoga or Pilates, elastic resistance bands, and walking (especially on softer surfaces like dirt, sand, or grass).